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welcome,  i’m happy you got this far into the site. 
i’ll be using this space to write down some thoughts related to design, handcraft tecniques,  experiments, etc. if you don’t agree with what you see, even better! i love a good arguing: idiensed1@gmail.com. following, a brief intro of myself:

my name is ian diesendruck.
i’m passionate about exploring new techniques and tools to express ideas, aka prototyping.
i’m currently coordenating the creative deparment of a furniture brand in são paulo (brazil, not argentina) called @estarmóveis.
my creative journey began studying industrial design @faap (sp), than working @estudiocampana (sp), @studiodror (ny), and @wework (ny-ldn). in each of these places, i was able to develop my own side projects, using different media to express concepts in a fast pace - from manually built objects, to coded tools.

during this new endeavor at @estarmóveis, i’m dividing my time between acquiring new customers and strengthening relation with existing stakeholders. this site creation is the begining of my new side project, which will share design experiments and toughts about design. let’s see where it goes.